Linyi University
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I. Introduction to Linyi City

Linyi City, founded before 2500 B.C, is located in southeast Shandong Province with its north to Mount Tai and east to Yellow Sea. It covers 17,200 km2 and has a total population of 10.11 million. Both statistics are the top rank for the province.

Being a modern city for trade and commodity circulation, Linyi has developed quickly in economy and has been the second largest city for commodity wholesales.

With a long history and profound cultural heritage, Linyi City is the birthplace of historical celebrities like famed calligrapher Wang Xizhi and famous military strategist Zhuge Liang. It is also renowned for its varieties in natural, historic, and cultural sceneries. Linyi City, with its charming scenery and delightful climate, is one of the top tourist cities. Its transportation infrastructure is well developed with convenient access to an airport, railways, and expressways linking it to other cities throughout China. 

II. Introduction to LU

Located in Linyi City of Shandong Province and founded in 1941, Linyi University is one state-owned, four-year institution. The university has more than 35,000 full-time students on campus. With its charming scenery, the university is one of the largest and most beautiful campuses in China.

The university is rich in its teaching resources with 1900 faculty and staff members. It offers a comprehensive range of disciplines including Literature, Law, Economics, History, Education, Science, Industry, Agriculture, Art and Management. There are 19 schools (including 66 undergraduate majors), 9 institutes, two branch campuses, and one attached middle school.

The university operates with international cooperation and has established cooperative relationships with 48 higher education institutions from a host of countries including the U.S., the U.K., South Korea, Russia, Canada, Sweden, and so on. Various cooperative programs have been implemented between China and foreign countries. There are more than 60 full-time foreign teachers at the university.

Adhering to the idea of education centering on the students, the university provides favorable learning facilities and lodging for overseas students. We now host over 100 overseas students from more than 10 countries studying related majors like teaching Chinese as a foreign language. 

III. Academic Departments

1. Department of Mathematics

2. School of Chinese Language and Literature

3. School of Mechanical Engineering

4. School of Architecture

5. School of Automobile Engineering

6. School of Business

7. School of Logistics

8. School of Law

9. School of Foreign Languages

10. School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

11.School of Resources and Environment

12. School of Life Science

13. School of Information

14. School of Media

15. School of Education Science

16. School of Fine Arts

17. School of Music

18. School of Physical Education

19. School of Maxism

IV. Programs for International Students

1. Chinese learning, professional training courses

One semester to two-year periods may lead to certificates from Linyi University, but not degrees.

2. Diploma education:

Undergraduate: The enrollment period is four years. Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree will be awarded.

Junior college student: The duration is three years. Graduation certificates will be awarded.

3Enrollment deadline

SpringMarch 1

AutumnSeptember 1

VAdmission requirements


Applicant qualifications

Chinese Language Student

Interested in Chinese study and Chinese culture

Specialty Visiting Student

College students.

HSK(new) marks: Above level five for Art students

and above level four for all others

College Student &

Undergraduate student

Senior High School students.

HSK(new) marks: Above level five for Art students

and above level four for all others

VI. Admission qualification

1.     Application documents

Documents needed to submit:

a.     Application Form for International Students to Linyi University

b.     Diploma certificate

c.     Latest academic transcripts

d.    Copy of Certificate of HSK

e.     Health certificate

f.    Three half-length, bareheaded, and full-faced photos (48mm x 37mm), as well as those in electronic forms

g.    Copy of Passport

 2.    Application deadline

The final dates for applying for admission are June 30 for the fall semester and January 1 for the spring semester.


VII. Tuition for International Students

1. Enrollment fee: 800 RMB

2. Tuition: 6000RMB/semester

3. Room and Board fee:

Single room: 800 RMB/month

Shared room: 400 RMB/month


* TV, refrigerator, air-conditioner, basic furnitures, drinking machine, washing machine in each room; water heater in washroom; two shared kitchens on each floor.

* You should prepare your own bedding.

* Internet connectivity: 15 RMB/month.

* You must pay 500 RMB dormitory deposit, which will be returned when you leave as long as there is no damage to the facilities.

3.     Living cost: 500-800 RMB/month

4.     Personal accident insurance fee: 300 RMB/ year

VI. Contact

International Exchange & Cooperation Department

Phone:  86-539-8766192

Fax:    86-539-8766198



Address: The Middle Part of Shuangling Road, Linyi City, Shandong Province, P.R.C.

Post Code: 276005